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Magic Salon Aspire Technology

The Required Hardware & Peripheral Specifications


Minimum Computer Specifications.


Magic Salon Aspire requires: -

CPU: Intel i3 540 3.06GHZ an Equivalent or Higher.
Hard Drive: 160GB or Higher.
DVD Drive
USB Mouse.
USB Keyboard.
LCD Video Monitor.
Windows XP or higher.

Barcode Scanner Specifications.


The Magic Salon Aspire Suite Of Software is Barcode driven and requires a USB CCD Barcode Scanner.
Optional Cash Drawer Specifications.


Magic Salon Aspire will function without a Cash Drawer, however it is recommended that a Cash Drawer be employed.

The Cash Drawer must be connected to a USB Port.

The Cash Drawer will not trigger if connected to a Docket Printer.

Magic Salon has been specifically designed to separate the functionality of the Cash Drawer from the Docket Printer so as to ensure that the Cash Drawer remains functional should the Docket Printer fail or run out of paper roll

Optional Docket Printer Specifications.


An Epsom TM-U220 Impact Docket Printer or equivalent.

Magic Salon Aspire will function without a Docket Printer, use of a Docket Printer is optional, but recommended.

Magic Salon provides the option to print Salon Promotional Advertising messages on every issued receipt.

Provision is made for a different promotional message daily.

Report Printer Specifications.


Magic Salon Aspire requires a Report Printer, any Windows Printer will suffice.

The Report Printer should be connected via a USB port.

Magic Salon Aspire Printed Reports are colour coded, however where a colour printer is not available, colours are depicted in shades of grey.

Optional Touch Screen.


The Magic Salon Aspire Suite Of Software is Touch Screen Compliant.

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