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Magic Salon Aspire Software Products

The Complete Suite Of Salon Business Management Software


Magic Salon Aspire For Single User Salon Reception Centres.


Contemplate an employee,
who is friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and always has a good attitude, never arrives late, never leaves early, never takes a sickie, never gets tired, is productive every minute of the day, and has the qualifications of: -

A Cashier... A Floor Manager... A Stock Manager... A Purchasing Officer...
A Security Officer... A Paymaster... A Marketing Manager... A Book Keeper...
Who could you employ with these qualities and qualifications?... Magic Salon!

Magic Salon Network For Multiple User Reception Centers.


Magic Salon Aspire Network facilitates Multiple User Reception Center operations by networking two or more computer systems within a Salon.

Additional computers are cable or wireless connected to the Reception Center Machine, and all computers use the data on the Reception Center Machine.

Great for faster Point-Of-Sale operations in a busy larger Salon.

Magic Salon Access For Single User Home Or Back Office.


Magic Salon Aspire Access is a Mirror Image of Magic Salon Aspire Reception Center Software without the Point-Of-Sale Module and is designed to enable Remote Access to the Salons Data.

Maintain control of your Salon when you can't or don't wish to be there.

Magic Salon Management For Remote Management Of Salon Groups Or Chains.


For those who want the ultimate in a Salon Management System to manage Salon Groups or Franchises.

Magic Salon Aspire Management, is a powerful management system that communicates remotely with your Salon Group. Enables uploading and interrogation of each salon's files and features consolidated, comparative and individual reporting on all aspects of your business group.

Magic Salon Upgrades For Reception Centre, Remote Access & Management Systems.


Magic Salon Aspire Live Upgrades ensure that your Salon Software remains abreast of advancing technology, whilst simultaneously expanding the functionality of the software to incorporate new features requested by our existing clients.

Live Upgrade compares the Magic Salon Version in use on your Salon computer with the Magic Salon Version posted on our Website, & where a later version exists the later version is downloaded & installed, automatically, the cost of which is inclusive within Magic Salon Fees.

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